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Atomus Design System: Your Ultimate Figma Design Tool

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Atomus is the ultimate essential design system for startups and product designers who want to complete more projects faster.

Atomus Design System is more than just a design tool. It's a platform that empowers you to create, innovate, and design with efficiency and ease. With our system, you can jumpstart your design projects, save countless hours, and elevate your design skills.

Buy yourself time to think, make mistakes, and be creative

If you're a UI/UX designer in an agency or juggling multiple projects at on your own, Atomus helps you quickly bring consistency to the entire brand experience without making you pay for thousands of components you will never use.

It's also perfect for startup teams with no design skills who want to quickly build the foundations for their new product and grow quickly with a premium customer experience -- from marketing, to website, and product.

  • Get the most demanded components ready to use
  • Focus on creative UX solutions, not boring tasks
  • Launch new products & websites with consistency

-> Built by award-winning designers -

Atomus is the visual language for designers, developers, marketers, creators, managers, leaders, startups

★ Create and manage a unified look and feel across your entire website & product with a powerful design system for Figma (Webflow coming soon).

★ Quickly apply an essential library of components, styles and resources that help you get to the creative work faster.

★ Each component is fully customizable and designed to be responsive and cross-platform compatible.

★ Plus, you can easily update and maintain your design system as your product evolves.

-> Preview Atomus 2.0 in Figma

Become the designer you always dreamed to be

Build new products, features, and pages that make people scream “shut up and take my money!”

Does this describe your world today? 👇

  • Rushing to meet deadlines, instead of user needs
  • Failed business objectives and KPIs
  • Poor onboarding and product adoption
  • Low retention and high churn
  • Unhappy customers
  • Reinventing the wheel for each new launch

This will be your life with Atomus. 👇

  • Work fast and produce results today
  • Save time for creativity and great UX
  • Be the driver of alignment and consistency
  • Create designs ahead of development
  • Solve problems in a creative way that stands out
  • Express yourself while staying on-trend & on-brand

Get Atomus at early-adopter price and get unlimited lifetime access and free updates for future versions.

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Atomus - The Essential Design System for Startups

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Atomus Design System: Your Ultimate Figma Design Tool

15 ratings
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